Sandy Taylor 

"The transformation of nature, over time and over the seasons, is a metaphor for the transformation of self, thru the ebb and flow of the landscape of life.  Like the ocean's tides, patterns of seascape and shore become sensory impressions that I seek to capture with color, light and form.  My images, compositions in color and pattern, reflecting time and place, thoughts and experiences, are "mindscapes".

-Sandy Taylor

"I seek to capture fleeting moments, reflections of nature, and long ago memories as painted impressions and expressions in abstraction, plein air painting, and a combination of both disciplines. 

Paintings of land and sea document the breath and beauty of nature; in contrast, work in abstraction evolves as emotional constructs of memory, time and space. Shadows, figural shapes and layers define objects and spaces within both genres. 

When working in abstraction, I love the freedom and experimentation that abstraction allows, as I dig down thru the layers, and expose what is beneath. As a plein air painter, it excited me to capture the edgess of color and light coming together in the ephemeral colors of nature, here now, gone so soon."


Jersey Shore Moments Art Gallery & Framing


209 Hwy 71, Suite One, Manasquan, NJ 08736