Margie Moore

"I was lucky to have a great amount of imagination and even more fortunate to have parents who allowed me the freedom to be the  daydreamer I was."

-Margie Moore


  Margie Moore has lived on the Jersey Shore all of her life. Fascinated with storybook illustrations, she began to draw and to study the works of famous children's illustrators of the early 1900s.

After raising a family with her husband Kenny, Moore started pursuing a career in children's book illustrations. Her whimsical style in pen & ink and watercolor was initially published by Cherubic Press, on the front cover of Hearth Song Catalog and in LadyBug Magazine.


However her big break was illustrating two children's books, "Count The Ways, Little Brown Bear" by Jonathan London (Dutton Children's Books) and "A Gull's Story" by Frank Finale (Jersey Shore Publications). These books contain dozens of reproductions of beautiful watercolor illustrations by the artist. Both books have sequels, "Do Your ABC's Little Brown Bear" and "A Gull's Story 2" and "A Gull's Story 3." Moore's originals are treasured by children of all ages.

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